colourblock glass

15” yellow large fluted bowl, 11” plate, and 7” salad bowl12” turquoise orange fluted bowl, coasters, 11” plate14’ orange textured statement, rim bowl, coasters12” sunset fluted bowl, 11” plate, 7” salad bowl16” red large bowl, 11” rim bowl, and 7” textured salad bowl12” aqua fluted bowl, 11” plate, coasters13” turquoise green medium bowl, 11"plate, coasters13” green medium bowl, coasters, 8” tri-square13” purple/green medium bowl, 11” plate, 8" square12” purple fluted bowl, frosted 8" square, textured 7” salad bowl15” royal textured fluted bowl, 11” rim bowl, salad bowl16” X 8” black textured wave, 7” textured salad bowl15"beach fluted bowl, coasters13” textured silver medium bowl, 11” X 5” rectangle, 7” square, 7” salad bowl11” X 8” turquoise brown rectangle, 11” plate, coasters14” turquoise textured statement plate, 11" square, coasters11” meadow plate, 11” rim, coasters12” olive fluted bowl, 8" square, coasters11” provencal plate, 8” square, 7” salad bowl13” yellow/orange medium bowl, coasters

These pieces represent my transition from paint to glass. As a colourblock painter, I became frustrated with the opacity of the medium, and I turned to translucent glass in hopes of achieving not just the appearance - but the reality - of depth in my work. Once I began developing my own process with layers of crushed glass (called frit), the sky was the limit. 

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