Inside Andy Warhol, installation 11” X 14” X 2"

Inside Andy Warhol small res

Tomato soup is comfort food, period. When I was little, I liked when fmaily members jazzed up the soup with melted cheese and maybe some oregano, but I also loved a plain old bowl of tomato soup with some crackers crushed into it. I also love the aesthetic of tomato soup: velvety thick red/orange liquid contrasting with a pure white bowl. 

Which reminded me of Andy Warhol’s soup cans. Which led me to some research, which informed me that Andy Warhol admitted to eating Campbell’s soup before and after he made his famous soup can paintings. So here’s what’s “inside” his art, and maybe at some time inside him too.

And yes, the crackers are also made of glass!

2016, kiln-fired and cold worked glass, found bowl, tray, spoon

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