This Is What Spaghetti Looks Like 17” X 12"

Spaghetti small res

Sometimes I’m just not very nice. A few years ago I displayed my plate of “Fettuccine Carbonara” at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto. Over those eleven days, I grew very tired of people pointing to the pale wide noodles, completely free of tomato sauce, and saying “look at the spaghetti!” Only one visitor in a dozen would recognize “fettuccine,” and so for the rest of you - and you know who you are -THIS IS WHAT SPAGHETTI LOOKS LIKE! It’s also a fine example of the mastery of slumping…how to make hard glass look soft and flexible, in thirty firings or less. (See my video in the blog!And yes, the napkin is also made of glass.

2017, kiln-fired and cold worked glass, found utensils and tray 

Watch a video of how this was made:

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