On Fait du Lèches-Vitrines 11” high by 7"

macaron tower small res

I am a magpie for any collection of the same thing in different colours, and for some reason, the shops in Paris seem to be especially good at displaying such items. Whether it is luxury leather gloves or these delicious macarons, I’m always going to stop and perhaps do some literal “window licking” (or window shopping, as this delightful idiomatic expression is translated) when I see all the beautiful colours lined up in a row. However, almost every time I have purchased and eaten macarons, I confess that I have been a little disappointed. They’re so small you barely taste them before they’re gone! My solution: permanent macarons so we can enjoy the colours forever without the epicurean letdown. 

2016, kiln-fired and cold worked glass, found pedestal

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