Betty, Queen of the Steakettes 24” X 24” X 3"

steakettes lid small

This piece may seem pretty mundane compared to some of the other works, but it is the most personally important work in this series. It is part of a group-in-progress called “Seven Suppers with my Mother,” and you maybe surmise from this that my mother’s favourite cooking utensil was her Sunbeam Electric Frying Pan. These glorified hamburger patties, known as “Steakettes,” were such a staple in our diet (served along with boiled potatoes and broccoli), that they are the first thing that comes to mind when my siblings and I think of our childhood meals. For me, this is probably the most poignant memorial to my mother that I could create.

2016, kiln-fired and cold worked glass, my mom’s pan NFS

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