Bring home the bacon and eggs for Father’s Day!

Panabaker bacon and eggs

Learn about many aspects of kiln-forming glass, including casting with frit, cutting glass, and slumping for effect at my two-day course at GRAND RIVER GLASSWORKS, and come home with a slice of bacon and a glass fried egg! 

Classes are Friday June 8, from 6 to 8:30 pm, and Saturday June 9, from 1 to 3:30 pm. Cost is $130, and glass experience is helpful but not necessary. (If you want to make extra eggs or bacon, let us know and we’ll arrange for that for a small extra charge.)

You can register at

Make two lovely ornaments for Christmas!

gman and star

Learn about many aspects of kiln-forming glass, including casting with frit, cutting glass, and using enamels at my two-class course at GRAND RIVER GLASSWORKS. 

Classes are Friday November 24, from 6 to 8 pm, and Saturday November 25, from 1 to 3 pm. Cost is $120, and glass experience is not necessary. 

You can register at

Trios continued

seven suppers

These three, while superficially representing breakfast, lunch, and dinner, are actually part of a larger series entitled “Seven Suppers with my Mother.” The frying pan on the right was my mom’s own, used almost every night of the week to feed us for several decades. Steakettes were her most frequent offering, (accompanied by boiled potatoes and broccoli), and these glass versions are my deeply-felt memorial to her.

Welcome to my Play Land (Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, 2017)

Although I would never deny the power of art to effect social change or at least foster enlightenment, I disagree that profundity or controversy should be art’s only raison d’être. There is a place for humour in art, and arguably, in difficult times, a place for art that produces a smile. 

This year I presented my glass/mixed media sculptural still lifes in a more conceptual arrangement. With few exceptions, I grouped the pieces into stories or ideas, most of which make sense with a little bit of thought. To a large extent, the pieces come from my (mostly happy) experiences as a middle-class child of the ‘60s and ‘70s, which I hope will produce sparks of recognition from viewers who shared that experience as a guinea pig of the modern food industry, and/or life with a mom who didn’t really like to cook.

The Greeks argued that good poetry should “instruct and delight,” and this criterion has also been applied to visual art over the ages. If I lean towards “delight” in my concepts, I am also happy to “instruct” when it comes to the technical aspects of producing this glass. I have invested countless hours of work in these pieces, with dozens of firings, interminably tedious cold work, and questionably healthy chemical applications. Since kiln-formed (warm) glass is often a mystery to those more familiar with the rock-star magic of blown (hot) glass, I’ve included in posts below some videos detailing my processes. 

And in the meantime, if you smile, or you start to feel a little peckish after you see these pieces, my work is done.

How to make all that and a bowl of chips:

How to make spaghetti the hard way, (like over months):

The power of threes:

Along with my interest in the visual arts, I have long been fascinated with word play and puzzles. So this year, my new sculptural still lifes will be inspired as much by context as autobiography. Stemming first from the simple idea of “breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” the pieces will be grouped in threes, sometimes for obvious reasons, and at other times for reasons known only to me. Here’s a sample:

“Macaron, Macaroon, Macaroni.”

Mac mac mac

It does me no credit to admit that this threesome was inspired purely by my impatience with the many individuals who, upon viewing my glass macarons, would exclaim, “oh look at the macarOONS!” Since both good manners and the “customer is always right” rule prevented me from correcting these folks, I was driven to provide an example that would make the correction for me. Hopefully, no one’s feelings will be hurt. 

Psst…wanna make some glass?

Here’s your chance to visit one of the most beautiful parts of Ontario this summer, AND learn about the joys of kiln-formed glass at the same time! Visit the St. Lawrence College 1000 Islands Summer School of the Arts website to register: There are two classes: the two-day “Bring Home the Bacon” class (page 3); and the week-long “Introduction to Kiln-Fired Glass” (page 7).

How to make sunny side up eggs, colourblock style!

For a more detailed look at this process, check out my Facebook page, and

New square coasters!

square coasters

$60 for a set of four, approximately 4” square, other colours available

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