KD Ruined by Broccoli 14” X 7” X 4"

KD Ruined by Broccoli framed

My husband David is a very patient man, but he will not tolerate anybody messing with his favourite weekend lunch, which he always, ALWAYS enjoys straight out of the pot. From a technical point of view, this piece was all about details: getting the curve of the macaroni right (turns out that unlike “regular” macaroni, it’s almost straight); and cold-working the ends of each piece of "pasta" till it looked like it had been cooked for exactly eight minutes. And of course, making sure the macaroni was precisely the right shade of oddly-neon orange. As for the broccoli, it was a lot of work too, but my husband has no sympathy for those efforts. 

2015, kiln-fired and cold worked glass, found vessel and  implements

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