White Trash Thanksgiving 15.5” X 11.5” x 2"

white trash thanksgiving small res

Last year I made a sister piece called “White Trash,” which featured a salisbury steak with gravy, coleslaw and beans in place of the turkey and fixings. If you google “TV dinner” you’ll probably find either a turkey or salisbury steak version, so a “White Trash Thanksgiving” seemed the next logical step. Anyone of a certain age will remember the oven-baked version of these dinners. I confess that I always liked them. Peeling off that foil to reveal the pan of processed goodness beneath (complete with dessert, for crying out loud!) was always exciting to me. Way better than anything my mom was going to cook. My more grandiose version here might be served in a prison or similar institution. And because it’s Thanksgiving, it comes with a dinner roll instead of a plain old slice of bread, and the canned cranberry sauce is sliced instead of just squeezed can-shaped onto the plate.

2016, kiln-fired and cold worked glass, found tray and implements

(This piece can hang on the wall or sit flat.)

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