Life is Like a Box of Macarons? 10” X 10” X 2" (sold)

box of macarons small res copy

Actually, I think this is a very appropriate paraphrase of that famous movie line. Macarons are colourful and exciting, but as with the best events in our lives, the moment of joy they bring is short-lived, and might even stir up disappointment in its aftermath. However, since I complain all the time that we now have access to too much excitement all the time (remember when it was a thrill to get Ben & Jerry’s ice cream when you drove through New York state?), I suppose I should appreciate the tiny (expensive!) bursts of pleasure that macarons contribute. But meanwhile, in appreciation for their visual beauty, I prefer these permanent glass versions that can be enjoyed forever.

2016, kiln-fired and cold worked glass, found frame 


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