They’rrrrrrrrre……pretty good!  7” diam X 2” high  (sold)

frosted flakes small res

That’s right, they’re not my favourite, but they certainly are iconic in the world of sugar cereals, and they figure prominently in the childhoods of people my age. I actually think that this particular cereal was a bit of a lazy effort on that famous cereal maker’s part, since all Mr. K really had to do was sprinkle a pile more sugar on ready-made corn flakes. However, I also think that the aesthetics of this cereal’s marketing plan has always been pretty genius, with those deep blues contrasting the richness of the big cat’s stripes and the golden flakes of cereal: makes you think they’re great even when they’re not!

2017, kiln-fired and cold worked glass, found bowl and a spoon from my mother’s kitchen

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