Playbox 9.5” diam. X 2” high (sold)

play box small res

Some days I really love my job! When I finished painting the enamel decorations on these little cookies, I was transported back to the sheer bliss of a childhood Christmas morning, and the discovery of a box of Peek Frean “Playbox” under my stocking. Imported from England and therefore only delivered on very special occasions, these sweet little treats with their tidy but amazingly detailed icing stencils of the innocent toys of another lifetime were to be savoured, and I can remember trying to nibble away the cookie around the pictures to save the clock, or sailboat, till the very end. I hope there will be others who share my frisson of recognition when they see this cookies, and feel the same sweet, sweet memory of innocent joy they gave to me.

2017, kiln-fired and cold worked glass, enamel, found plate

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